Sales & Collection Management

Here at Willow Automotive Service, Inc, our sales department is as unique as the vehicles we service. We are a full service “concierge” when it comes to buying or selling a specialty vehicle.

If you are looking to obtain a vehicle, we will handle the acquisition on your behalf. We will locate the suitable vehicle, confirm its authenticity and provenance, perform a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection (PPI), negotiate a price, prep it for use, and deliver it right to your driveway. Willow Automotive Service, Inc. can do it all! We can also assist in a private treaty sale, representing either side, and act as you representative.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps you have a specialty vehicle you want to sell or trade. We can market your vehicle at our 15,000 sq. ft. facility, to the world on our website, or if you prefer to keep the transaction somewhat confidential we can discreetly offer it to a pin-point targeted audience from our vast database of contacts and collectors.

Rest assured, your acquisition or sale through Willow Automotive Service, Inc. will receive the utmost respect, discretion, and confidentiality you have come to expect from us.


Private Treaty Sales

With our history and the contacts we have made over the years, Willow Automotive has been very helpful to our clients by assisting in private treaty sales. If you are buying or selling a specialty vehicle, we are willing to be involved in any capacity you are comfortable with, from only a market consultation to our typical scenario, in which we handle the entire transaction on your behalf.