Our Capabilities

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At Willow Automotive Service, our staff of trained technicians have the knowledge and skill to give the vehicle of your dreams the type of performance you never imagined possible.

We have built a reputation for tuning and maintaining some of the nicest vehicles around. Our capabilities are only limited by your imagination. We will get the most out of your vehicle’s performance, so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle. In addition to routine scheduled maintenance, we are able to use our expertise to greatly improve overall performance of your vehicle. Interested in a quick additional 100hp? We can help through our non-invasive computer tuning. Want a more aggressive sound from your exhaust? We can fabricate an exhaust system unique to your vehicle that will increase performance and improve tone. Taking your car to the race track? We can provide high performance brake set-ups and suspension modifications to improve your lap times. The possibilities are limitless.

• ECU Reprogramming / Computer Filing

• Forced Induction Systems (Turbos & Superchargers)

• Custom Exhaust Systems

• High Performance Brake Systems

• Sport Suspension Modifications

• Headers & Cams

• Custom Wheels & Tires

• Wheel Repair & Refinishing

• Paint Shielding

• Exterior & Interior Detailing

• Radar / Laser Detector Integration

• Winter / Summer Tire Storage

• Indoor Vehicle Storage and Battery Maintenance

What We offer


Parts & Supplies

We specialize in Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, and all types of luxury, exotic, and special interest vehicles.


Technicians & Service

Our team of technicians consists of the most advanced and expertly trained staff available. They are true artisans in the way they are able to work on your vehicle.


Customer Service

We value our customers and we make sure they know it. Great performance does not begin and end with the vehicles we work on; it begins with making sure we put our customers first.

Collection Management
& maintenance

One of our specialties is managing and maintaining entire collections of vehicles.

Our clients have found it extremely beneficial and efficient to be able to have a single point of contact for their collection needs. With the vast number of contacts we have made over the years, we’ve been able to build relationships with a huge variety of resources. Rather than spending countless hours trying to find an extremely rare part for one of you collection gems, let us handle this for you. And it doesn’t end there. We can put your collection on a scheduled rotation so that all of your vehicles get the preventive maintenance and care needed to protect your investment and provide to you all the enjoyments of owning specialty vehicles.

vintage racecar conservation
Willow RS

The Willow RS - The ultimate tribute car.
The soul of the classic Carrera 2.7 RS.
And now, perfected.
Vintage style. Modern performance.

The Willow RS arose from the idea that many car fanatics love the soul and spirit of classic cars, yet love the safety, reliability, and performance of newer automobiles. Porsche’s 911 platform gave us the perfect opportunity to blend the classic style of a fine vintage sports car with a more modern high performance machine. Starting with a donor Porsche 911, we begin by replacing body panels to give the car a retro RS appearance. From there, we can perform engine and transmission modifications for increased power, and brake and suspension modifications for more stopping power and better handling. Personalize it with various safety and livery options and you end up with a vintage looking classic, with today’s extreme performance.

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